Sunday, April 8, 2018

The End

April 8, 2018
The boat was finally hauled out yesterday around 3:15pm at high tides. As we were coming out the winds were 20 mph and it started raining and pouring.  Steve and I were soaken wet.  The weather displayed how we felt.  

We brought our dinghy to the storage bin.

The storage bin was full. 

We stayed at my daughters for two nights before leaving.  
The end of another journey. Our trip was shorter this year and we enjoyed every minute of it. Now it is time to head back home. 
We are sorry to say that Steve's mom, Mary, passed away June 4, 2018,  We were very blessed to be with her when she passed peacefully.

Our new blog for season 2018-19 will be

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April 4-7, 2018 Prepping for haul out

April 4, 2018
We will be busy in the next couple of days.  First we have to go report to Customs at Fort Pierce airport.  We will have to return once the boat is on the hard to hand in the original ownership.
We brought the sails, kayak and fender to the locker. We washed the boat and ran fresh water thru the dinghy motor etc. It was so hot and we just couldn't quench our thirst. We stopped at Publix to pick up St Croix and beer  
How ironic that my new friend Debra which I meant in Hope Town was on a dock to our starboard side,  She was so surprised to see us and invited us to their boat. We went around 5:00pm and stayed a couple of hours. It was a nice break after working all day. 
Finished watching Hatfield and Mc Coy series. 
To follow up from yesterday's story, they found the body of the person who jumped off the bridge last night.  So sad.

April 5, 2018
Steve had to change the oil on the boat motor.  What a long process when you have to do it manually.  Next year we will have to remember to bring our big evacuator. 
Still waiting to hear when we can get hauled out.  Such a busy time for them.  There is 30 boats waiting to come out.  Hopefully, Sally will be able to accommodate us. 
I started packing my clothes.  I brought WAY TO MUCH clothes.  Next year I will only bring 1/4 of it.  No need since you end up wearing the same thing and then do laundry once a week.
Went to the laundry mat and washed all the bedding, towels, clothing which most of it will remain in storage.
Steve barbecued hamburger for lunch.
Debra dropped over for a while to see how we were coming along.  We talked to Steve's mom at the hospital.  She is doing better but still has a long recovery.
We made pizza for dinner.
Another productive day.  Steve will go see Sally in the morning to see if the boat can come out.

April 6, 2018
Looks like the boat is not getting hauled out today so I decided to go to my first Yin Yoga Class today with Debra. It was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.  The class was in walking distance to the marina.
We managed to get more packing done in preparation for the haul out.  We hate the wait especially when we get a call from my sister who has been supporting Mary, Steve's mom, who is in the hospital.  She told me that she called the hospital for an update and they told her she wasn't well at all and that she was failing.  So surprised, my sister went to the hospital and found out they gave information on the wrong Mary.  We were all so upset by it and it was a very stressful couple of hours to wait for news from my sister at the  time.  Once we talked to Mary on the phone and told us she wasn't going anywhere with a chuckle, we were so relieved .  We loved Crazy Fish restaurant which served Sushi and really like Joey Gilmore Blues Band afterwards.
Debra introduced us to a lot of Canadians who are also in the process of taking out their boat. 

Vegetable sushi presentation

Outside the concert hall

Joey Gilmore

Joey Gilmore Band

Debra and John asked us to join them tonight for sushi and a blues concert.  Just before we left,
We were back at the boat at 11pm.

April 7, 2018
Steve and I went to McDonald for our once a year pancake treat.  We then went to see Sally about getting hauled out. Looks good for today.
Lots happening around the marina today.  When we got back we went to a couple of Markets around the area.  Very unique crafts.

Model boats

More model boats

12:00pm- Came back to the boat and did more packing. Just waiting for Sally to call us.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

April 1 to 3, 2018 Goodbye Hope Town Hello Florida

April 1, 2018 - Left Hope Town on Easter Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter .

8:00am-  We fueled up in Hope Town and motored to Man O War. Steve cleaned underneath the boat.  Since GaYa has been on a mooring in Hope Town and not moving, the bottom get pretty dirty.


I received a text from my sister stating that Steve's mother was hospitalized.  When I told Steve when he got out of the water, we decided it was time to start our way back home and headed to Monjack Cay for the night.

 We arrived around 4pm.  We walked on the island across to the ocean.  It was approximately  about  3 miles walk to the beach.
On the way, we found air plants and best of all, on the beach, I found a hard mooring being washed along the beach.  Love these surprises.

Unique signs along the way

 It was a 3 miles walk to the beach

We covered 27 miles today.
Off to bed...early rise.

April 2, 201 From Monjack Cay to Mangrove Cay.

5:00am-  The alarm went off and time to make coffee.  
5:30am- Off we go.  
7:00am-  What a gorgeous view.  As we were passing Bonefish Cay The moon was setting on one side  and the sun was rising on the other.




7:45am- Looking at the front of the boat, we noticed a rainbow.  Can't get any better
9:30am- The water was so calm that we could see clearly Flying Fish swim away and Cormorant swimming under water from a distance when they spotted us. 
10:00am -Steve has been dragging a line for a couple of hours and managed to catch a barracuda and another small fish but got off before we were able to bring it in. 
10:45am-  We called Sally from Riverside marina to let her know we will be arriving in Fort Pierce tomorrow and that we would like to be hauled out ASAP.  She told us it was her busiest week and that there are 10 boats wanting to get hauled.  We will see what happens when we get there. 

As I was making lunch I heard the fishing rod sound and Steve cĂ ught a Spanish Mackerel.  3 so far. 
2:10pm- Steve just caught a another big Spanish Mackerel.  We are just releasing them since we are heading back home and wouldn't be able to keep it frozen.  I also think Steve doesn't feel like cleaning them. 

4:30pm- Arrived at Mangrove Cay where we will anchor for the night.  Steak and salad for dinner tonight.  Can't wait.   First Steve wants to pop a cold beer.  It is hot. 
Covered 63.6 nautical miles. We stayed in contact with my sister and the hospital is taking good care of Mary. We will loose contact with everyone now until we get closer to a tower in the States. 
April 3, 2018 From Mangrove Cay to Fort Pierce
2:00am-  The alarm went off and up and away we go by 2:30am.  
The moon and stars lit up the sky so it was a beautiful night to travel.  Steve called out to get the life jackets. After not wearing them for so long, I questions why.  He said you should always wear them at night and we will be crossing the Gulf Stream.  
I fell asleep for three hours under the Bimini.  
5:30an- I fried up a couple of eggs for Steve.  
6:30am-  I took over the wheel while Steve had a sleep for a couple of hours. 
9:00am- Weird seeing a Carnival Elation cruise ship go by.  From our data they are headed to Half Moon Cay.  We took many cruises and I used to sit in the balcony wondering what it would be like to sail our own sailboat in the ocean.  Here we are on the "GaYa Love Boat"
Went by a Carnivall cruise ship
10:00am-We just hit the Gulf Stream ant still 42 miles to Ft Pierce inlet. 

Steve taking down the Bahama courtesy flag

Not much left of the Bahama Flag

We arrived in Fort Pierce around 3:30pm.  It took forever to go thru the inlet since we were fighting the tide.  The gulf was calm all the way until we hit the inlet and it was rough. 
We had to go around this tub boat which was dragging barges
It was rough going thru the inlet

Staying at Fort Pierce City Marina for a couple of nights until our boat gets hauled out.  We tried to call Customs the minute we arrived but we waited 2 hours on the phone so we hung up.  We decided to go get our truck which we stored in Fort Pierce.  We noticed someone stole our trailer hitch and there was  a hole on the side of our truck,  At least it started and we brought it to the Marina.  We will start unpacking our stuff tomorrow.
Went to the Marina restaurant for a bite to eat and then called Customs again.  We got thru this time within 5 minutes.  We now have to go to the airport tomorrow to physically report in.
Steve went straight to bed once we got back to the boat.  We covered over 82 miles today.
You can tell you are in Florida when you hear helicopters, sirens etc...
In fact, someone jumped off a bridge which we could see from our boat.  Helicopters and Coast Guards were searching the water for the body.  Lights were flashing right thru our boat.  Steve was snoring away. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26 - 31, 2018 Staying in Hopetown

March 26, 2018
We booked a mooring in Hopetown until the end of March and we will then decide where to go from here.
After breakfast, Steve went to do 3 loads of laundry while I vacuumed and clean the boat.  
After lunch, we decided to go to the beach but once we got there, it started pouring so we hurried back to the boat.  Good thing I did because I left a couple of the side windows opened.  We got back in time. 
Had our dinner outside the boat however we could feel the temperature drop. 
There is a cold front approaching and of course with that comes high winds.  It is an evening of watching a series while hearing the wind blow outside the boat. 

March 27, 2018
WINDY! WINDY! WINDY! The boat was on a heel at times during the night. 
The sun is out so off we go to the beach for a LONG walk.  It is too cold to get wet so we decided no sea glassing at least this morning.  It is at least a warm wind blowing and a nice walk .  We sure needed it. 

We noticed this on our bike ride

I practiced my guitar and did some painting.  After lunch, we went downtown and Steve treated me to a Nutty Buddy ice cream cone. That is all they had. We sat out of the wind on the bench overlooking the ocean.  Lot more people vacationing.  Interesting to watch others especially when they are trying to make the best of their trip even if there is a cold spell. 
So glad our boat is protected from the wind so we can sit outside while listening to music. So funny because Nicky sent a photo of Brent and Parker blowing a conch from Florida at sunset.  Great memories for us all. 
Brent and Parker blowing their conch at sunset in Florida hoping we would hear them in the Bahamas

It was a movie night tonight. 

March 28, 2018
After breakfast, I went to the Hopetown Marina to read a little while Steve worked on a few things around the boat.  Afterwards, we took our bikes down to Abaco Inn and walked the beach there.  I was so happy when Steve brought in a buoy which was washed in by the waves.  My plan is to bring them home and paint them.  My sister managed to get me 2 of them when they were in Treasure Cay. 

Trying to clean the buoy

Steve found this buoy washed ashore

We then bicycled to Tahiti beach.  Lot of people there today.  It was low tides so we could walk out on wet sand.  We found a few live conchs and the best was star fish.  I never realized how hard there she'll was.  Such beautiful colors.

Found live conch on Tahiti beach


Back of starfish

My big star
Tougher skin than I thought

Relaxed on the boat after a long bike ride back.  I painted later in the afternoon and even got to practice my guitar. It was warm enough to sit outside the boat tonight to watch a new series "River".
March 29, 2018 
Cloudy day today.  We decided to go sea glassing this morning but once we got to the beach, the waves were too big.  We walked along the beach...
We noticed Lyla and Parker's beach fort all destroyed by the waves.  The ocean doesn't take long to change the beach landscape.

Beach fort all torn down by waves

Lots of grass washed ashore
Went to the pool for the afternoon.  After swimming, Steve took a shower at the marina. 
The door was unlocked so he took advantage of it.
After dinner, went for a long dinghy ride out Abaco sea side of Elbow Cay. The water was flat so we could go fast.
Sat outside the boat and watched the series "River"
March 30, 2018
Beautiful sunny day.  We've had to run the engine the past couple of days since the solar panel weren't recharging to the fullest capacity.  It has been cloudy and the batteries are running low.  We haven't moved in a while so sometimes we need to recharge the battery by just running the engine.
This morning, I updated and organized all my on line photos.
After breakfast, Steve and I took our bikes to another beach at the north end of Elbow Cay were they have small  nice shells to pick..  There was a guy sunning himself outside of his beach cottage with opera playing full blast.  He was really getting cooked. 
When we got back to the dinghy, we went out to the Abaco Inn beach to try and find a particular pink cottage which Nicky, my daughter was trying to find when they were here.  Someone she knows owns part of it.  We found it anyways. 
Came back to the boat to paint/read and relaxed.  We later went back to our sea glass beach and they were coming in today.  You had to get wet though.  A couple of wave took me under by surprise. It is so much fun and addictive.  After a couple of hours, Steve pulled me away. 
Came back to shower before we went to Wine Down Sip Sip restaurant for pizza.  Didn't watch anything tonight since we were being entertained by other boater who were having fun.
What a nice day!
March 31, 2018
6:30am-  I decided to take the dinghy over to the beach to watch the sunrise.  As I was driving away from the GaYa, I noticed the full moon right behind her.  It is so peaceful to wake up so early.
The moon behind GaYa

I could hear the rooster all morning around the island.
After breakfast, Steve and I went for a nice long walk on the beach. 
We noticed how some of the trees along the beach were getting washed away.  What a shame!

Trees getting wash out

Steve enjoying his walk
 Later, we went fishing with the dinghy.  I drove the boat while Steve trolled.  He caught a 3 lbs. Mangrove Snapper.  Seeing that is was the only one we caught in a two hours span, we decided to release it.  As he released it, I realized I didn't take a photo of it. 
Fishing off Hope Town

Fishing off the dinghy
Back at the boat, we relaxed as the clouds were increasing.  It started drizzling around 5pm.  We took the dinghy to the beach and watched the full moon rise.  I went down to the beach for one last time since we will be leaving Hope Town tomorrow morning.

Came back to the boat to start watching Hatfield's and McCoy's series. The moon is shining bright on the boat.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March 21 - 25, 2018- Back in Hopetown

March 21, 2018 Arriving in Hopetown

Brent and Nicky relaxing while sailing
8:45am- We all had breakfast and left  Treasure Cay and headed to Hopetown.   It was nice sailing most of the way.  Brent and Nicky took advantage of relaxing while the kids played UNO the whole way.  They just love that game.

Kids playing UNO while sailing to Hopetown
12:30pm-  Had lunch once we arrived in Hopetown and then we all went to the beach.  Of course, we had to pick some sea glass.  Kids had fun playing along the ocean while Steve and Brent went snorkeling.  Unfortunately, no luck.

Amazed by the Hopetown lighthouse
Kids enjoyed rolling around in the waves

I found a sea glass

Parker & Gpa relaxing after running around the beach

Nicky enjoyed her rum punch

4:30pm- Steve and I went back to the boat.  I started dinner while the kids stayed and played on the beach.  Steve wanted his afternoon nap.

Spaghetti dinner tonight for supper.  Parker and Lyla had fun blowing the conch at sunset. Afterwards, we played two games of UNO before bedtime.
Another great day.

March 22, 2018
This morning, Lyla, Nicky and I went to the coffee house in downtown Hopetown. 
Coffee and muffins

Brent, Gpa and Parker stayed behind and played UNO.  
When we got back, Nicky cut Brent and Steve's hair. 

We then went to the Hopetown lighthouse.

Had lunch , then we went to the Marina pool.  The kids spent 3 hrs in the pool while the adult indulged in drinks and food.
4:00pm- Steve and I came back to the boat to relax while Brent, Nicky, Lyla and Parker went to the beach.
6:30pm- Had dinner and then played 2 games of UNO before the kids went to bed.
March 23, 2018
7:15am- Nicky, Brent and Lyla went off to the beach to catch the sunrise but they might have missed it. 

9:30am- We went to rent a golf cart but unfortunately, they were all reserved. 

Lyla and Parker disappointed that we could not rent a golf cart

 So we started walking and then someone offered us a ride to the other end of the island. We had lunch at Sea Breeze restaurant.  It took so long to get service.  It was kind of disappointing.  At least they offered us a ride back and the food was good. 
Came back to the boat change and went to the pool and then the beach.  Steve and Brent caught a Snapper and lobster with the spear.  
Yellow snapper and lobster

Brent successfully speared the fish

Building a sandcastle
Lyla, Parker and I built a sandcastle and then went to play in the fort they built on the beach yesterday.

Brent got the fish ready and cooked it up in butter.  I cooked up some chicken while Nicky and Lyla  went shopping in town.  Great meal tonight.

After dinner, we played 2 games of UNO.  Another fabulous day!
March 24, 2018  Leaving Hopetown
Nicky and Brent got up early to go take photos of the sunrise on the beach.  Meanwhile I fed the kids and we worked on their journal.  Nicky has them writing a daily journal of their sailing adventure in the Bahamas. 
  After Nicky and Brent had their breakfast, we all went to the beach one last time with the kids.  They wanted to play in their beach fort while the rest of us either sea glass hunted, laid in the sun or just relaxed,  Gpa had to recover from snorkeling so much yesterday.  
Someone is exhausted

Family in the fort

Making our funny faces

Brent found some great sea glass findings probably dated back to the 1800's.  It is so addictive.  

We ran into Debra, a new Hopetown friend, who was walking on the beach.  She talked to Brent since she is a photographer herself. She also was invited in Lyla and Parker's fort and ended up being good host.  She got a kick out of their imagination.  
2:30pm- Came back to the boat in preparation to leave Hopetown.  The kids are all taking a flight back home in the morning from Marsh Harbour.  
Arrive in Marsh around 4:pm.  Nicky, Lyla and I went downtown shopping for a few groceries and even stopped in at the bakery to pick up cinnamon buns.  
Brent sailing GaYa
Margarita time
Steve made Margaritas before dinner and then we barbecued steak.  We had so much fun.  The kids were fantastic.

 After dinner,  everyone sang me Happy Birthday and we shared a chocolate cheesecake. We then played UNO and then the kids went to bed.  Nicky packed.  
Steve and Brent fell asleep outside the boat while listening o music.  Steve ended up ciming to bed around 2 am.  
March 25, 2018 - Happy Birthday to me
After breakfast, I called a taxi from VHF 6 to pick up the kids at the dock for 8:30am. There flight was a10:20a.  t is only one hour flight back to West Palm Beach.
They all surprised me with singing Happy Birthday again with gifts since my Birthday is today.   What a wonderful memory. 
Steve had to do two trips.  First Nicky and Brent with all the luggage and then Lyla and Parker.  As Steve dropped them off, 2 dolphins were swimming nearby.  I could hear Lyla yelling:" Nanna, can you see the Dolphins". What a way to end their trip.  It was sad to see them go.  

We are going to miss these little munchkins


Steve and I went grocery shopping and headed back to Hopetown.  It is sure quiet on the GaYa.  
Saying gooobye to Debra until next year
Once in Hopetown, We noticed Debra leaving the dock with their boat and leaving Hopetown for another year.  Glad I was able to wave goodbye
I went to the beach after lunch to do my addictive sea glass hunting while Steve stayed on the boat to recover from maybe too much tequila last night.  
After a couple of hours, I took a nice well needed shower.  Steve followed afterwards. He took me out for a wonderful meal in town.  We then came back and finished watching the series The Fall.

The End

April 8, 2018 The boat was finally hauled out yesterday around 3:15pm at high tides. As we were coming out the winds were 20 mph and it st...